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Call Us Today At (877) 506 3849

Medical Couriers

With over 125 years of combined experience, Jaguar Logistics’ specialty is servicing the medical industry.  From servicing all major Labs to entire hospital systems, our veteran management and driver team are experts in picking up and delivering time-sensitive specimens and medical equipment that are crucial to the diagnosis of a loved one.

Medical Supply Delivery

Medical Courier Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

When it comes to time-sensitive medical specimens and equipment, it is essential you have the right medical courier handle the delivery in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW). At Jaguar Logistics, our professionals have a combined total of over 125 years of experience providing services in the medical industry. Our medical courier service combines a veteran management team with driver teams that are experts at what they do. Whether it is picking up a specimen from a lab in Dallas or delivering the proper equipment to the hospital in Fort Worth, we ensure your pickups and deliveries are made on time, every time.

Professional Medical Courier Delivery Services

At Jaguar Logistics, we have the most highly trained professionals when you are looking for a medical courier. Our medical courier service includes a wide range of options including:

  • Medical Specimen Delivery – Each service provider has been trained to properly handle specimens, scan in and out, and account for everything.
  • Hospital Courier – As a hospital courier, we pick up and deliver equipment and specimens to ensure all of your medical needs are met.
  • Laboratory Logistics – At Jaguar Logistics, we ensure everything has been thought through and planned for including insurance, legal matters, costs, and transportation needs.
  • Pharmaceutical Courier – We understand your relationship to the hospital is essential and crucial, and will always ensure a quick and accurate delivery when it comes to pharmaceuticals.

Why Jaguar Logistics?

When you think about a medical courier service, you have a list of requirements you look for in a company. At Jaguar Logistics, we are the medical courier for you because:

  • We put every patient first with our Patient First Initiative.
  • Our deliveries and pickups are always on time.
  • Each Jaguar Logistics provider has the equipment approved by OSHA for medical transportation.
  • Each driver goes through extensive training and has follow-ups with the Training Manager.
  • We know the details other medical professionals and individuals often don’t know, which results in more accurate deliveries.

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If you are looking for the medical courier service with the most experienced professionals, contact Jaguar Logistics in Dallas and Fort Worth today at 877.506.3849.

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Video IconSpecimen Handling

  • Jaguar Logistics trains every service provider thoroughly in the proper handling of medical specimens to include scanning in and out to ensure everything is accounted for and trackable
  • Training includes classroom, in field, and post inspection curriculum to make sure every individual that handles medical specimens understands the improtance of the job
  • Every team member (both providers and management) is equipped to do medical pickups due to the time sensitive nature
  • Each service provider understands the importance of each pickup and delivery and is certified in our "Patient First Initiative"

Patient First

  • Every service provider for Jaguar Logistics is uniformed and carries "Patient First" identification
  • An extensive proprietary curriculum has been developed around the medical training of our service providers to include HIPAA, TSA, and OSHA certifications
  • Our knowledge, which includes maps and diagrams, of the medical community gives our drivers a unique advantage in servicing our clients
  • The focal point of each delivery is to do accurately and correctly with top notch communication to ensure the "Patient First" quality


  • Every Jaguar Logistics service provider has OSHA approved equipment
  • Providers carry coolers for both room temperature and refrigerated specimens (soft) as well as hard coolers for frozen specimen transport
  • Each provider is equipped with specimen transport bags as well as bio-hazard spill kits
  • Each provider also has an inventoried supply of lock box keys to ensure they can service any client at a moments notice


  • Jaguar Logistics has an extensive proprietary training program that every driver goes through and is certified on
  • Training includes classroom time as well as two full days in the field with a certified trainer
  • Each service provider has classroom follow up after their field training
  • Training Manager follows up with in field inspections on the 3rd and 10th day of operating independently


  • Jaguar Logistics goes through an extensive certification and compliance checklist with every service provider and member of management
  • This includes thorough training in the medical industry as well as other regulated industries
  • We have ongoing certifications and refresher training
  • Management does continual follow up, training, and inspections to ensure every team member is compliant with our procedures and policies
  • Jaguar Logistics maintains substantial liability and commercial insurance to protect us and our clients

We currently utilize Jaguar Logistics for on demand stat transport along with other on demand transport services and scheduled route work. All of this involves human diagnostic specimens. Jaguar Logistics has always provided trusted service at a competitive rate. I consider them to be one of the better contract courier companies I have used and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Tim Leggett

Logistics Manager
Quest Diagnostics

I am writing to recommend the courier and logistics services of Jaguar Logistics. We have been using them for the courier needs of our business for quite some time, and have found them more than worthy of recommendation. They are professional, punctual, thorough, and always sensitive to their client’s needs. Thomas Reprographics began using their services primarily for one of our locations, but have now entrusted them with the work from multiple DFW area locations.

Kent Long

District Manager
Thomas Reprographics

Jaguar Logistics has done a great job for our wholesale parts sales department. Before choosing them, we continuously had different drivers and that had to be constantly re-trained. I must say they are a pleasure to work with.

Bret Bell

Parts Manager
Park Cities Ford

It is my pleasure to recommend Jaguar Courier Services for your courier needs. In the past years their collaboration has been a major factor in our transportation cost reduction initiatives. During which time they have provided The American Red Cross with excellent support in the area of biomedical products transportation.

Rudy E. Manning

Hospitals Services Manager
American Red Cross - Southwest Region

Jaguar Logistics has been serving LabCorp now for some time and doing an admirable job. Our transportation budget is very large so we need to have a competent and reliable courier partner in whom we can trust and have found that with Jaguar Logistics. They currently provide STAT level service; route coverage and scheduled stop work for us. Our remote consolidated call center in Houston also holds them in high regard since they communicate so well and never leave any issues on the table from the previous day. They have been completely dedicated to serving us. I would recommend them highly to anyone. You are in safe and professional hands.

Director of Logistics

Southwest Region

We have been pleasantly surprised at the level of professional courtesy, aptitude for success, and regard for the specific needs of their clients individually. Not only do they deliver professionally, they maintain a company-wide awareness of the fact that there is a patient behind every specimen. I highly recommend Jaguar Logistics for your delivery needs.

Darlene Cawthon

Lab Director
Dallas Regional Medical Center

I am pleased to recommend Jaguar Logistics for your business' courier needs. Jaguar Logistics has been consistently satisfying our logistics needs with a standard of nothing less than going above and beyond in every way. In addition, despite their continued growth, Jaguar Logistics has never failed to maintain the "personal touch" that makes dealing with them such a pleasure... Most importantly, immediate communication and efficient response to all of our requests are two of the factors that make choosing a logistics company which fits our needs and our budget, an effortless task. I recommend them with certainty, and intend to continue hiring them well into the future for our logistics needs.

Earl Benzenhafer

Texas Regional Medical Center
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